Because Every Business Is Unique

Your business, your rule!

We believe that every business must have a system to:
Doing Business Make sure that your system is able to doing your business
Promote Business Make sure that your system is able to make your business going farther
Control Business Make sure that your system is able to control your business process

In Less than 5 Years

We already operates in:
+38 Company
+17 Country
+30 Province
+5000 Users

Our Modules

RUN System ERP Consist of 9 Awesome Modules
Human Resource Management Our Human Resource Management module alone have more than 17 sub modules, include of Human Resource Information System and HCMS
Financial and Accounting FICO module doing a lot of accounting process like cashbook, General ledger, AP, AR, Asset Management, Cost Control, etc.
Production Management Production Management make sure that your production process is captured in system and can be integrated with other Modules.
Quality System Quality system control both material QC and Procedure QC
Sales and Distribution Sales and distribution make sure you can process sales process, pipeline management, international trade logistic, etc
Plant Maintenance Plant Maintenance process the work order process and also make sure that technical object could be processed.
Procurement Management In order to doing process in Purchasing, E-Proc, and Raw Material, this module is needed.
Inventory Material Management Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, and Material Management. This module is a must have module for ERP.
Project System This module managing project implementation, from WBS until project settled.
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Ready for All Industries

Our ERP System is Robust and configurable in more than 1700 scenarios.


RUN System ERP is ready to implement in various industry
Manufacture From raw material until finished goods. You name it.
Logistic 3rd party logistic or 2nd party logistic. It all processed in one ERP Software.
Tourism and Hospitality Manage service, Point of sales, or another Cost of good material for your service.
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