“Mobile Attendance” Feature in RUN System’s Employee Self Service Help Employee to Work From Home

March 24, 2020 RUN System

Corona Pandemy is already appear in Indonesia, and every one, including company have to embrace it together. One of few step that company take is to send their employee to work from home. Off course, that policy must be supported by the right tools to control the process just like usual. And for RUN System’s Customers, they are very lucky because they get super usefull tools to help. (And it’s free)

Work From Home policy is a policy to order employee to working from home, but the working process is not change at all. Same responsibility, same Key Perfornace Indicator, and same target. Only the place to work is changed. It means, long distance collaboration become mandatory tools for company and employee. And tools for presence report, is one of them.

RUN System, with their most wanted application, which is Employee Self Service, have the right tools to help company and employee for still doing the presence report according to company’s rules. That feature is called: Mobile Attendance.

Mobile Attendance Feature allow employee to report attendance (in or out) only with their fingertip in their favorite gadget. This feature also have geotagging function to allow application to catch the exact location of employee when they attend in work. To make sure, tracibility is still there.

At this moment, when work from home is ordered by a lot of BUMN (National Company). Not less than thousand employees doing their attendance process with Mobile Attendance in Employee Self Service RUN System.

One unique thing about this, beside helping work from home process for employee, this feature is also helping employee to prevent the danger from attendance process by fingerprint. Because you know, one mostly cause the spread of the COVID19 virus, is by touching thing that other person touch before.

So, that’s it. We hope this pandemy is over soon. And we could do our activities in normal term again