RUN System Chosen as Delegate for SXSW 2024 Exhibition

Yogyakarta, March 2024 – RUN System, a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, has again been selected to represent Indonesia by the Government as one of the companies that will depart for the United States of America. RUN System’s departure was in order to attend the South by Southwest (SXSW) event which took place in Austin, Texas.

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SXSW is an annual event where creative industry players gather globally. Indonesia is presenting ten delegates at SXSW 2024. Three of them are technology players, with RUN System being one of them. The organizers have scheduled SXSW 2024 to take place from March 8 to 16. The event features a variety of programs such as music, film, technology, interactive media, education, and business conferences.

The Directorate of Economic Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in synergy with the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, participated in this event. Additionally, for the second year, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has trusted RUN System to display its work.


RUN System on SXSW 2023

This activity aims to expand cooperation networks, increase partnerships with global industry players, and open new opportunities to increase exports of Indonesian creative products on international markets. Consequently, this can strengthen Indonesia’s position as a center of creativity and technological innovation in Asia.

RUN System sees this golden opportunity as an opportunity to explore the North American market for international expansion through potential partners. Apart from that, RUN System is also taking advantage of this momentum as a means of exploring investment opportunities for the development of their SaaS products, namely eCampuz, R1, RUN Market, and BroadwaysHR.

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