RUN System’s R1 Cloud ERP Now Live and Available Globally on the Google Cloud Marketplace

Yogyakarta, February 2024 – RUN System, a digital transformation technology company providing excellent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and a range of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, which in October 2023 successfully became the 3rd company in Indonesia to become a Google Cloud Partner, has successfully penetrated the global market through the Google Cloud Marketplace with its various advantages.

Through the sales channel of the global tech giant, RUN System’s Cloud ERP solution named R1 is available and pushed limitlessly throughout the world. Its success in penetrating the Google Cloud Marketplace makes it a pioneer in the company’s first step towards digital international expansion. Full support from Google ensures that users get the best service according to their needs.

Screenshot of R1 on Google Cloud Marketplace

R1 on Google Cloud Marketplace

Keep Innovation to Strengthen Expansion

The success of RUN System’s product in entering the global market is also supported by continuous innovation by its development team. They continue to update product features and provide solutions that can improve the productivity and efficiency of users’ businesses worldwide. Thus, RUN System’s product has become the top choice for many users in the global market.

“RUN System with its flagship ERP product has a wide and strong consumer and big database, making it suitable for collaboration with us, combined with Google’s support through the latest innovative technology such as in the field of AI that was recently launched as well,” said Google Cloud Enabler, Anand Sibuaea.

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What is R1?

R1 is the best Cloud ERP software from Indonesia that can help improve company productivity. Some of the features in R1 that can be optimized by your company include Inventory Material Management, Sales & Distribution Management, Procurement Management, Financial Management, and Accounting Management, which allow all small and medium-sized companies to become truly digital. RUN System not only believes that “every business is unique,” but more than that, every business has an equal opportunity to become a Fortune Global 500, and it starts when you #RUNfaster with solutions that enable rapid and precise digital transformation.

Find us on Google Cloud Marketplace now!

R1 on Google Cloud Marketplace

Available on Google Cloud Marketplace


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