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RUN System

RUNers is a term for the RUN System for companies and organizations that want to run and reach their goals quickly. Various industrial scale (medium and large), sectors (manufacturing, tourism, hospitality, retail, trading & wholesale, strategic and heavy industry, mining, agrobusiness, etc.) and ownership (PMA, private to SOE)

No less than 1 million items of goods, more than 20,000 employees and trillions of inventory turns in a year whose business process management uses the RUN System as the main ERP software and supporting industries in Indonesia.

With the ability to understand business processes and the DPC (doing, promoting and controlling) methodology developed by the RUN System can help companies run, develop and control company performance.

Here are some companies that have entrusted RUN System as a partner in providing ERP software and helped implement the solution.


Authorized Distribution Partner

Authorized Application Partner

Authorized Implementation Partner

Authorized Strategic Partner

Authorized Academic Partner

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