Production Planning Management

Production Management Module makes sure that your production process is captured in system

The biggest and complex module in RUN System is Production Planning Module. Integrated on almost all module make RUN System powerful ERP Software System in Indonesia. You will find many handy and powerful function can help you to increase your productivity and still controllable production cost.

Some organization just implement inventory module to control inventory turnover and costing without capability to manage production process.

In this Production Planning Module, you can find some functionality key feature and sub module.

Process product demand based on sales forecasting information, operational forecasting and outstanding Sales Order.

Processing the material needs of the production process either self-produced or obtained from the purchasing process. Taking into account the position of the stock material (claim yet stock), wip stock (if the material made by internal production process), stock-in port (if the material imported), stock in transit. MRP will process the material requirements of items to be produced based on the BOM and or formula / Recipe predetermined.

Procurement process of materials production requirement either to internal production order or through the purchasing process.

Managing the production capacity of each unit of production listed on the work center. Capacity planning will set the workcenter needs in order to plan production by considering utilisisasi each workcenter in the production.

Make production planning based on MRP and Capacity Planning

BoM will affect the activity forming material costs, production, sales and others. RUN System will automatically generate all the costs incurred directly so that the cost of production, cost of sales can be better controlled.

Set the formula or material composition forming an item. In this feature will be integrated in sub MRP modules required in estimating main and supporting material needs an item.

Work centers can be a machine or group of machines, people or groups of people and production lines. At the work center, the planning and arrangements can be made ​​more precise production. Even for tolling activities can also be processed in this sub-module.

Identifying the entire cost of all business activities that can more precisely control costs. This sub-module will identify the cost of upstream activities (procurement of goods and services), process (production), downstream (sales and distribution)

Routing is used to describe a material or product manufactured. Either produced internally or through toll manufacturing process.

Organize and recording entire production activities, among others, the use of materials, production activities, activities of production machinery, etc.

Key Feature

  • Track able production item
  • Automatic batch creation
  • Automatic calculate Cost of Good Material (CoGM)
  • Enable to calculate direct labor cost and production wages
  • Automatic calculate production material
  • Calculate Production capacity

Business Benefit

  • Minimize production waste
  • Accurate to calculate item price per batch per shift per machine per working group
  • Optimize production productivity

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