Quality Management System

Convoy from material incoming, processing until finish good distributing

RUN System-Quality Management System handle various task in quality management system process. such as another Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) module that integrated each other, RUN System-Quality Management System integrated with another business process to ensure quality process and product match with costumer and standard requirements and qualifications.

RUN System-Quality Management System convoy from material incoming, processing until finish good distributing. Company also can integration with financial module-cost control area to control productivity and efficiency  in financial perspective.


Quality Planning – Set the Critical point control every aspect of production and business processes, planning and follow-up inspection process inspection results. Include the determination of quality parameters as well as planning quality parameters  from raw material incoming process until finish good delivery to the consumer.

Quality Parameter – Determination of inspection and scoring parameters that can determine the material can be processed for further processing.

Quality Inspection – Material inspection process and good inspection process based Quality Planning or not. Control quality processes across product life cycle. Perform inspection from various stages, monitor quality inspection and notify quality witch not match with quality standard.


Balance Scorecard – KPI management organization based Financial, Customer, Internal Process and Learning and Growth Perspective (balanced scorecard) at each level of the organization.

Continual Improvement Program – Continual Improvement Management program every unit in the organization such as 5S, Kaizen, Pokayoke.

Quality Internal Audit – Management Quality Management System audit results based on a balanced scorecard and CIP

Business Benefit:

  • Increase Customer satisfaction
  • Decrease material out spec
  • Ensure Organization Objective

Integrated with:

Who’s Involved:

  • Management
  • QA/QC
  • Production
  • WHS/Logistic Department

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