Human Resources Information System

Flexible and adaptable with organization objective and condition.

Human resources information system (HRIS) not only payroll system. HRIS must flexible and adaptable with organization objective and condition. with capability to handle big data, HRIS in RUN System ERP Software can process HR activity easily.

Enterprise Human Resources Management, especially manufacturing industry have unique requirements with several payroll component and variance, rule and culture.

It not only doing payroll processing but Control and Improve the whole business process. In our assumption if organization only need application that help payroll processing activity, they just need ERP (Excel Resource Planning). Otherwise if organization want control contribution Human Resources over Financial Bottom Line (Profit Loss), RUN System – Human Resources Management Module can be considered.

At RUN System HRIS Module, you can find many functional sub-modules that can help organization in several application area such as

At RUN System-Human Resources Module, you can manage organization structure with job position, job holder and job grade. in this area you also can describe job function, roles and authority with qualification requirements based on job grade and position.

In this area you can describe which is structural job position and functional job position. organization can use this in recruitment and compensation benefit management.

RUN System-Human Resources Module Not only time attendance recording, you can manage with multi-level time management policy based on job position grade. of course you can not equate member of Board of Director and common staff time policy.

RUN System-Human Resources Module can easily integrated with attendance machine such as fingerprint, bar-code system or smart card.

RUN System-Human Resources Module have flexibility adjust with organization time management policy or other Human Resources Policy like over time, leave, member of group/shift personnel changing.

Management of employee data, employee contracts, etc

Human resources module with compensation/benefit management you can manage various employee allowance and benefit that influence employee income tax or not. example of some common compensation/benefit like income tax allowance, jamsostek, , housing allowance, meal allowance, transportation allowance, COP(Car Ownership Program), HOP (House Ownership Program) and many others.

RUN System-Human Resources Module can handle all employee deduction. This not only deduction which related with time attendance but have capabilities to handle several deduction activities like penalty, working fine, employee loan and others.

Leave Management will include the all employee leave transaction management either in order of importance agency office or not. At the office for official use fee that includes therein will be automatically integrated in finance accounting module. Leave management will also serve as a permit to handle temporary leave, leave and negligent and management of employees out of work, , annual leave, compulsory leave, layoffs etc.

BPJS program management good health, employment and pensions that can be managed bersamaa with other insurance programs.

RUN System-Human Resources Module can help you in daily payroll activities that integrated with financial module.

Key Feature :

  • Customize-able
  • High flexibility with company policy and regulation
  • Integrated with cross section business function
  • Capable to handle huge data across site, city and country

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