RUN System ERP On Perhutani-Telkom’s TREMBESI Project

November 10, 2020 RUN System

Perum Perhutani (state-owned forest enterprise) along with PT Telkom Indonesia convened a kick-off meeting for the implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project ‘TREMBESI’. The meeting took place in the headquarters of Perum Perhutani and was also conducted virtually on July, 1 st 2020. On that strategic project, Perhutani and Telkom are using the RUN System platform.

Trembesi Tree
Trembesi Tree

TREMBESI stands for Sustainable and Innovative Transformation of Ecosystems towards Forestry Business. TREMBESI, being named after a big, evergreen, and canopy tree, is expected to cover the needs for the processes, systems, results, etc., support the company sustaining growth, and provide benefits for the community. Perum Perhutani president director Wahyu Kuncoro explained that business nowadays must be faster, more efficient, and with quality through transitioning to digitalized
systems. ERP system can be applied by the companies for a more integrative management system, something that the preceding system cannot provide. This will result in an effective and efficient
company management.

“Hereby I request the commitment of all Perhutani staff, all BoDs, heads of regional division, heads of the centers, head of the headquarters, and all staff to focus and mobilize all resources to succeed this ERP TREMBESI project. As the tagline says “Changed Today to Save for the Future”, this
project will keep the business growing and sustained, hence saving for the company’s future.” Wahyu said.


Meanwhile, the Deputy Executive Vice President of Enterprise Service Division of PT Telkom Indonesia, Suhartono, explained that the transformation to ERP will not only change the platform or the technology, but also change the culture of the company’s structure in running the business. Thus, the commitment from top-level management to executive level is required for the change.

The scope of this project is the implementation of ERP FICO (Financial & Cost Controlling) Module and HCM (Human Capital Management) to integrate key business processes, specifically financial process and manpower process in real time. It is expected to change the internal business ecosystem of Perhutani that eventually will build trust with business partners and other stakeholders, also to encourage business to grow and be innovative. “For the implementation, we will start from Blueprint then do data migration from Perhutani dan User Training. After that, we will support post go-live in early 2021, the next will be doing Manage Service TREMBESI application.” Explained Suhartono.