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For more than 5 years, RUN System uses DPC principles to develop every application
Do Business RUN systems simplify operational management of each business process
Promote Business RUN System can promote business scale up
Control Business RUN system can be an instrument of control over the execution of strategic activity in a business process

After 5 Years

We've been trusted by
+12 kind of Industries
+45 Cities
+16 Countries
+21 Business Partners

Our Modules

RUN System gives you powerful capabilities in a variety of module packages
Human Resource Management Control contribution Human Resources, not only doing payroll processing but control and improve the whole business process
Financial and Cost Control Management Handle all enterprise accounting activity in every business process like general ledger, cost control, cash flow, asset management, etc
Production Planning Management Manage the resource allocation of activities of employees, materials and production capacity, in order to increase productivity
Quality System Convoy from material incoming, processing until finish good distributing
Sales and Distribution Handle all sales process and application area, segmenting market until conversion to sales value, etc
Plant Maintenance Track many information from maintenance activity that integrated with many module and ensure asset maintenance order handled with right
Procurement Management Manage and maintain vendor contracts and transactions, including the issue of purchase orders, updates to stock quantities, etc
Inventory Material Management Manage and maintain material and inventory data, vendor price and transactions, including the issue of material request
Project System Manages project implementation from work breakdown structure until project is settled
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We Cover Many Industries

Comprehensive Integrated application with 12 business suites, 25 modules and 72 sub modules to answer every challenge in various industries.

Our main strengths are in our expertise and extensive experience in Planning, Designing, Building and Implementing Information Technology Solutions for all integrated business processes.


RUN System ERP is ready to implement in various industries
Manufacturing From raw material until finished goods, you name it.
Construction Process of constructing a building or infrastructure.
Mining and Quarrying Process of extracting buried material below the earth surface.
Finance Process of providing funds for business activities, making purchases or investing.
Agriculture and Forestry Concerned with the exploitation of plant and animal resources.
Industrial Park Area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development.
Property Owning only one or two properties that support a large-scale cash-flow business boasting a rich portfolio of multiple properties.
Professional & Services Occupations in the tertiary sector of the economy requiring special training in the arts or sciences.
Tourism & Hospitality Providing products and services to people which assist in recreation and supporting the well-being of people.
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What are They Saying About RUN System

“RUN System application is very helpful for our company in manufacturing”
Rachma PT. Adi Satria Abadi
“For more than 2 years our company uses the RUN System application, it has been able to help the company's business processes, especially in the Human Capital division”
Ressa Veranti PT Hotel Indonesia Natour (Persero)
“Very helpful application. The support of a great team that can fulfill all kinds of our requests to facilitate the company's business processes.”
Muhammad Iqbal PT. Kawasan Industri Medan (Persero)
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