Sales & Distribution Management

Handle all sales process and application area, segmenting market until conversion to sales value, etc

Is not only how to increase your sales, but also how to increase your distribution level, market share, contribution margin, and of course your bottom line or profit (EAT).

Sales-AR module in RUN System handle all sales process and application area. Sales and Distribution Management module you can find many functionality that ensure sales opportunity can achieved. Segmenting market until conversion to sales value, form distribution mapping to market share, RUN System will help to identify, doing sales activity with supported by promotion and marketing program but of course you still can track and control your sales contribution margin, until control collection process to ensure your cash flow.

In RUN System you will find many useful function and feature that integrated with other business process module.

Generate price quotes, enter customer orders, set up deliveries, update stock levels, report on customers’ current balances, and manage all billing and accounts receivables are some common function that usually needed.

Manage exactly the target customer purchase integrated with shipping and warehouse management. This module is integrated with Credit Management module limits by type of transaction, customer classification, the number of shipments and Sales Person

Logistics management to the hands of consumers with regard to each customer contribution margin factor. You can set distribution level, distribution area to maintain distribution of product in more than 81000 villages in all regions of Indonesia.

End to end process of export and import logistic becoming easily begin shipment planning, shipment instruction to the issuance of commercial invoice that is integrated with the process declares the goods and services (customs).

Key Feature

  • Credit Limitation setup and approval
  • Distribution targeting and monitoring
  • Price quotation
  • Flexible discount and sales promotion program
  • Sales area and distribution management
  • Uninvoice AR and very easy invoicing process

Business Benefit

  • Increase contribution margin
  • Control credit limit
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase service level delivery

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