Procurement Management

Increase procurement control, flexibility and ease in achieving company goals

Procurement or Purchasing module in RUN System handle all procurement (purchasing) process and application area. In Purchasing Module you can find many functionality that ensure procurement activities easier and controllable.

Now days Big issue and challenge is how company can control  and monitor Purchasing process that can eliminate duplication item stock, unclassified vendor and supplier,  poor qualities vendor and supplier contract, and others.

In other ways, purchasing process must be flexible and easier that can provide and support operational process to achieve company objectives collaborate with cash flow management policy.

In RUN System you will find many useful function and feature that integrated with other business process module.

With Purchasing you can manage and maintain your vendor contracts and transactions, including the issue of purchase orders, updates to stock quantities, calculations for the value of imported items, returns and credits, and payment processing.

Procurement of items or services with vendor selection capabilities with multi-level approval is equipped with a quotation of data, history data, stock data and the expected arrival of goods / services, Purchase Order, etc.

Regulate the process of managing vendor and vendor quotation, bidding process through online so accountability of procurement process better than before.

Management of the procurement contract to a third party. RUN System will automatically send notification to maintain and or renewal contract

Procurement of goods and production materials that unique and different process with purchase consumable item and also integrated with finance and inventory modules

Key Feature :

  • Maintain vendor quotation and contract
  • Integrated with department Cash flow Budget Management
  • Purchasing Order process
  • Maklon procurement order/contract
  • Powerful material request approval management
  • Unvoiced AP and very easy and controlable invoicing process
  • Prevent item duplication data
  • Overseas purchasing capabilities with up to date HS Code

Business Benefit :

  • Control Vendor Performance
  • Maintain inventory level
  • Ensure controlling Cash flow budget
  • Minimize fraud opportunity

Integrated with :

Who’s Involved :

  • Management
  • Finance Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • WHS/Logistic Department
  • All Department (budgeting proses)

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