Inventory and Material Management

Manage and maintain your material and inventory data, vendor price and transactions, including material request

How to increase inventory turnover using RUN System-Integrated ERP Software?

The question above is a million dollar question for Manufacture and Trading organization to win competition.

Now days, ERP Software not only how to eliminate duplication item data and transaction, reduce stock level with Just in Time, maintain Cost of Quality and others.

Inventory management basic feature handle inventory levels, item management, price lists, special price agreements, transfers between warehouses, and stock transactions – all through integration with other processes like sales and purchasing.

In other ways, Inventory and Material Management process must be flexible and easier that can provide and support operational process to achieve company objectives collaborate with organization department budgeting and cash flow management policy, suggest how to increase inventory turnover.

In RUN System you will find many useful function and feature that integrated with other business process module.

With Inventory Management you can manage and maintain your material and inventory data, vendor price and transactions, including the issue of material request until material settlement processing.

Inventory management including receiving good, good mutation, good transfer, batch management, good returns and came up with the ideal inventory level.

Supports multi warehouse by category based on the location, plant, supplier, customer or vendor. RUN System function as well in the management of the storage of goods by the batch number based material category, supplier or customer.

Management of demand for goods that can be controlled from the department budget and or multi-level approval. This can prevent the procurement of the same goods made from some department / entity / company so that the company can better manage working capital

Key Feature

  • Master Item with multi-UOM
  • Eliminate duplication inventory and material request from multi department
  • Support batch, lot and bin system
  • Stock level and Reorder point Policy
  • Integrated with department budgeting management
  • Integrated with cost center management system
  • Item mutation and delivery
  • Powerful material request approval management
  • Prevent item duplication data
  • Overseas purchasing capabilities with up to date HS Code

Business Benefit

  • Reduce duplication data
  • Decrease inventory level
  • Manage inventory working capital

Integrated with

Who’s Involved

  • Management
  • WHS/Logistic Department
  • Purchasing Department
  • Production Department
  • Sales Department
  • Accounting Department

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