4 Essential Skills You Should Master in 2021

Current development encourages humans to develop skills they should master. For instance, in the early 2000s, there were still many businesses, especially the small ones, that did not have a personal website or information to appear on the internet. The marketing strategy had not been done through the internet.

The importance of skills

Do you remember McDonald’s’ TV advertisement said “Feeling hungry? Call 14045.” Now, let’s take a look at today’s delivery order. Customers may place their orders easier through apps or websites. Older companies develop their technology, at the same time many new companies run especially in the digital sector. In fact, according to the Ministry of Industry, in 2017, the “Millennial generation” boosted the digital industry to grow by 10%.

This proves that today’s technological advances also have an impact on business development that is also motivated by developing skills as well. There are various skills that are essential these days, but maybe not ten years ago.

Thus, you have to upgrade your skills to prepare for the new year that starts in a few days. These are the skills you should master in 2021.

Data analytics

Data analytics will help businesses make more informed decisions based on the availability of good information. Data analytics is used in various industries including to verify and disprove the theories or models that are being used. Data that is still raw will be processed in order to get certain conclusions from the data. 

The ability to use various programs such as G Suite, Microsoft Office, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Slack, Omniture, and many others is very valuable for the development of your business. Data processing becomes easier, more concise, and efficient.

Digital Marketing

As already mentioned above, the marketing strategy is now experiencing a shift as a result of technological developments. Digital marketing is a new marketing strategy that uses the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach customers. Thus, mastering digital advertising, social media platforms, programmed advertising is essential.

As a new way of marketing, doing digital marketing requires a deeper understanding of consumer behavior than traditional marketing strategies.

Project Management

Particularly during this pandemic, it is important for business owners to run their business in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible to survive. Having project management skills, both technical and soft, will help you run projects more efficiently.

Project management is indispensable as it relates to the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve certain project objectives in accordance with the project criteria within agreed parameters. In addition, the end result is limited by time scale and budget.

Basic Coding

Coding is the basic literacy in this digital era that it should be a must for everyone to learn. It does not mean you have to understand how to create a complete website from scratch, but rather the basics of coding, such as understanding some HTML to write on a website and building landing pages for marketing.

Those four skills above are related to current development that is essential for today’s digital era. Businesses need to be developed linearly with technological developments to make them more effective and efficient.

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