Collaboration between RUN System and ALAMI: Driving SME Growth through Sharia Financing

RUN System, an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software provider, has launched a new financing feature in one of its flagship products, RUN Market. RUN Market is a B2B Market Collaboration Platform that offers innovative solutions in procurement management, enabling buyers and seller to connect on a single platform. In an effort to facilitate access to productive financing based on Sharia principles and drive industry growth, RUN System has announced a partnership with ALAMI, a Sharia-based peer-to-peer lending funding platform.

During the launch ceremony of the collaboration between ALAMI dan RUN System, attendees included Managing Director of Hijra, Bembi Juniar, Chief Commercial Officer of Hijra, Andrisyah Tauladan, Director of RUN System, F. Hasto Widodo, as well as representatives from RUN System. Bembi Juniar, Managing Director of Hijra, stated that the collaboration in supply chain financing between ALAMI and RUN System is expected to enhance the distribution of productive financing with a fair, transparent, and ethical Sharia system. “Through RUN Market, business players who are part of the RUN System ecosystem can easily access digital working capital financing,” said Bembi.

ALAMI focuses on providing productive financing to help SMEs upgrade, generate highly competitive products, and grow sustainably. In this platform, ALAMI aims to serve over 15.000 business players who are users of RUN System.

The financing products offered by ALAMI include Invoice Financing and Purchase Order Financing. Invoice Financing is bill-based financing or receivable factoring with Wakalah Bil Ujrah and Qardh contracts, while Purchase Order Financing is financing provided to business players for purchasing or procuring goods/services by the empoyer with Murabahah and Musyarakah contracts.

Director of RUN System, F. Hasto Widodo, expressed in his speech that this collaboration will create synergy that connects buyers, sellers, and financing. Referring to The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center’s (RISSC) 2023 edition of “The Muslim 500” report, the Muslim population in Indonesia has reached 237.55 million, making it the largest in both the ASEAN region and globally. In this context, Hasto stated that this collaboration is a strong partnership. Considering the data on the Muslim population, which account for 86.7% of Indonesia’s total population, Sharia-based financing becomes the appropriate choice.

With the introduction of this financing feature in the RUN Market, it is hoped that business players, especially SMEs, will have easier and faster access to financing.

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