Even One Decade, RUN System Carries the Theme ‘Our Value, Our Journey, Our Legacy’

Yogyakarta, 9 November 2023 – Entering a decade old, PT Global Sukses Solusi Tbk (RUN System) is holding a series of activities to commemorate its 10th anniversary with the theme “Our Value, Our Journey, Our Legacy”. This theme contains meaning and messages that summarize the essence of the journey and the values espoused by the company. It also sends the message that the company is not only focused on current success, but also on long-term sustainability, growth and impact in the industry.

This event will be held on November 1 2023 at RUN System Headquarters, Yogyakarta and Representative Office, Jakarta online and offline. This celebration was attended by all staff, management, board of directors and commissioners of RUN System and its subsidiaries.

Sony Rachmadi Purnomo, President Director and founder of RUN System, expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all parties who have provided support and been part of the company’s journey so far.

Tumpeng cutting ceremony by the President Director of RUN System, Sony Rachmadi Purnomo

β€œIt doesn’t feel like RUNS has been running for 10 years. Of course it’s not easy to start all this. Initially, many doubted that RUN System could grow into a large company. We, myself and my colleague Tan Kian Gee, have a big dream, namely to make Indonesia more productive. We saw huge opportunities in the field of enterprise solutions in Indonesia, which at that time, perhaps until now, was dominated by global companies. “This is what encouraged us to build the RUN System with our ERP product,” said Sony.

Apart from expressing gratitude for the company’s various achievements, Sony also talked about the early days which were full of challenges. “Starting from participating in Telkom’s incubation program, until finally in 2021, we officially became a public company. From only occupying a small room and having to move around renting space to be used as an office, now we have our own office. From only having a few employees, we now have hundreds of professional human resources. Of course, this would not happen if there was no support and hard work from the team. I really believe that the power of team work is the key to reaching the top quickly and precisely.”

“The greatest strength is the strength that comes from within”, for Sony this confirms the company’s commitment to ‘domestic strength’. Even though it uses foreign languages in its brand identity, RUN System still upholds local values where currently 100% of the workforce involved in it comes from Indonesia.

Wahyu Hidayat, President Commissioner of RUN System, who had the opportunity to attend online, also expressed his appreciation to all parties who have contributed to the company’s success. Wahyu hopes that RUN System will continue to grow and show its existence, even in the international market.

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