RUN System Achieve “Top GCG Award 2023” Award

Jakarta, 27 December 2023 – RUN System won the “Top GCG Award 2023” for the Software & IT Services category at the Indonesia Top GCG Awards 2023 held by The Iconomics in Jakarta several weeks ago.

Good Corporate Governance (GCG) is no longer a complementary attribute for a company’s existence or simply complying with industry regulations and norms, but also creates an environment where transparency, accountability and social responsibility are put forward.

The main key in implementing GCG principles is maintaining company independence and ensuring that the vision and mission that have been set are carried out consistently. By following the principles of Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility and Fairness, and ensuring independence, the company not only creates a good internal environment, but also provides a sustainable positive impact on various business sectors. This provides a solid basis for achieving a balance between sustainable business growth and positive contributions to society and the surrounding environment.

In his speech, the Main Director of RUN System, Sony Rachmadi Purnomo, expressed his gratitude for the appreciation given. “We hope that business sustainability will not only have an impact on our company internally, but also on all stakeholders.”

RUN System continues to be committed and focused on implementing good corporate governance practices. The award won by RUN System at the end of 2023 has ignited the enthusiasm of all “RUNers” (= a nickname for all levels of RUN System management and staff) in the company’s ongoing efforts to ensure that GCG values are an integral part of every operational aspect.

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