RUN System Continues to Impress Investors and Users in America with its Outstanding Performance!

Yogyakarta, March 2024 – RUN System, a world-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions provider, on the fourth day of SXSW 2024 in Texas, United States, conducted a follow-up offline pitch at the KJRI Houston Business Forum. This event was a follow-up agenda to the Indonesian Virtual Business Forum that was previously held online last February. The event was a collaboration between the Consulate General of Republic Indonesia (KJRI) in Houston, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, and Born Global Ventures.

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RUN System’s Featured Product Showcase

On this occasion, RUN System presented their comprehensive vision of the entire ERP and SaaS ecosystem. They not only outlined the basic concepts of the two technologies. However, it also provides an overview of how the integration of these two systems can provide added value to the company. By providing a deep understanding of the benefits and implementation potential, they asserted their position as a leader in the information technology industry.

In addition to thoroughly describing the concepts of ERP and SaaS, RUN System also highlighted their flagship products. Two of these are RUNSystem, a low code-platform that enables faster and more efficient application development, and eCampuz, a university management system that helps educational institutions manage various operational and administrative aspects. By focusing on these innovative products, the company demonstrates their commitment to bringing leading-edge solutions to customers.

Through this presentation, the company not only comprehensively explained the technology they offer, but also emphasized their commitment to the development of relevant and innovative solutions. By introducing the concept of ERP and SaaS ecosystems as well as their flagship products. They successfully built an image as a leading solution provider that companies and educational institutions can trust to achieve their business and educational goals.

Chief of Strategy RUNS presented the product

High Enthusiasm from Potential Investors and New Users

Nearly 100 potential investors, potential partners, and other business owners from various ecosystems attended the pitching and networking event. They showed high interest to invest in eCampuz Pre-IPO round, and Series A for Low-Code Application Platform. Moreover, many potential new users from both the private and education sectors in America showed interest in using RUN System’s two flagship products.

This participation is a strategic step in the globalization of RUN System, which is getting stronger and stronger to expand its global market. This is an important milestone in the company’s efforts to become a leader in the ERP and SaaS solutions industry on a global level.

As a sign of appreciation for the opportunity and good cooperation, RUN System presented a memento to Born Global Ventures at the end of the activity. The memento was given to Theresa Ponder and Jahan Djafarpour as representatives of the Born Global Ventures team.

Souvenir to Born Global Ventures


RUN System Being Global

RUN System


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