RUN System Conquers Global Market at NextRise 2024: Government Support, Investor Interest, and Innovation are The Key

Yogyakarta, June 13, 2024 – RUN System, a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, once again demonstrated its commitment to strengthening its global market penetration by participating as an exhibitor in NextRise 2024, the largest startup and technology expo in South Korea, which attracted more than 500 startups and 25,000 visitors from various countries.

The event in Seoul kicked off on June 13-14, 2024 with a lively opening ceremony. Renowned speakers then delivered sessions across various conferences. Speakers included Stanford University, Nvidia, Hyundai Motor Company, and various venture capital firms.

The excitement of NextRise 2024 did not stop there. RUN System’s booth was crowded with exhibitors since the morning. The visitors’ interest in RUN System’s products was clearly visible, as evidenced by the many questions and discussions that took place at the booth.

One of RUN System’s flagship products that attracted the attention of many visitors was the RUN System Low-Code Platform. This platform allows companies and individuals to build applications easily and quickly, without requiring high coding skills. The tagline “Stop Coding, Start Building” represents the ease and efficiency offered by this platform.

Government Support and Investor Interest Pave the Way for Global Market Expansion

RUN System’s participation in NextRise is not only a place to introduce its products and services to the global market, but also an important moment to establish relationships and open new cooperation opportunities. This was evidenced by a visit by Dr. Joannes E. Tandjung (Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Korea) to the RUN System booth.

The visit showed the Indonesian government’s full support for local technology companies that wish to go global. This support is a motivation for RUN System to continue to innovate and improve the quality of its products and services, so that it can compete in the global market.

RUN System di NextRise

RUN System, KBRI Korea, Techbizglobal

In addition, RUN System also received interest from the Founder and CEO of Techbizglobal, a German technology company. This interest opens up investment opportunities for RUN System to expand its market reach to Europe.

NextRise 2024 is a clear proof of RUN System ‘s commitment in expanding the global market. With innovative products and quality services, RUN System is optimistic that it can become a major player in the ERP and SaaS industry in Asia and the international arena.

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