RUN System Selected Again to Represent Indonesia at an International Event

RUN System, the leading ERP company in Indonesia, is further solidifying its position in the country’s technology landscape. Its capabilities have not only been recognized domestically but also in the international market.

Following its successful expansion of American and European markets, RUN System has once again been selected to represent Indonesia at a prestigious international event, which will be held at COEX in Seoul on June 1-2.

Recognized in the esteemed ‘NextRise 2023, Seoul’, the event stands as Korea’s largest exhibition of startups and cutting-edge technologies. Organized by renowned Korea Development Bank and the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), the event serves as a hub for innovation and collaboration in the business world. According to, around 450 startups from various countries will participate in this year’s exhibition. Moreover, the event’s flagship program, the one-on-one Business Meetup, provides a platform for startups to engage in discussions concerning fundraising and business collaborations with major corporations and venture capitalist. This session is attended by 1.300 domestic and foreign startups, 206 large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as venture capitals. Serving as a key conduit in connecting the Venture-Startup ecosystem, NextRise catalyzes to accelerate innovation and create synergy.

RUN System’s participation in this event is expected to expand and strengthen the company’s business network in the Asian region by collaborating with business partners to build sustainable synergies for achieving sustainable business growth. Moreover, it is anticipated that this participation will have a positive impact on the development of Indonesia’s technology industry in the international market.

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