Times Higher Education Digital Summit x The University of Indonesia, RUN System Talks AI

Yogyakarta, July 2024 – RUN System has once again become an inspiration, stealing the spotlight in the world of education. That was through its contribution to the Digital Universities Asia event organised in Bali, Indonesia by Times Higher Education (THE), the world’s leading university ranking agency, THE partnered with The University of Indonesia to host the agenda.

RUN System’s Chief of Strategy, Irfan Prawiradinata, had the honour of being invited to speak on one of the panels themed “Navigating the AI Frontier”. He provided insights not only as an alumnus but also a strategist in Tech and EduTech.

AI Is Already the Present, Not Just the Predicted Future

Hosted by Bhavit Mehta, Sr. Content Manager of THE, Irfan discussed with Raynathan Christopher, Einsteine Veliyanka, and Katherine Viella. During the panel, the participants agreed that artificial intelligence (AI) is not something to be feared. Instead, they advocated for embracing and utilizing AI. This is because AI has become part of today’s reality, no longer just a predicted future.

Some additional insights from RUN System’s latest AI solution, RAIN, proves that AI can significantly boost productivity. Starting from reducing repetitive work, optimising automation, even to code generation. And the potential is still very broad.

Beyond the panel discussion, the event was also enlivened by keynote speeches from Simone Dilena (President of THE APAC), Joe Qin (President of Lingnan University), and Ali Berawi (Deputy of Green and Digital Transformation, National Capital Authority).

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Collaboration Opportunities

Interestingly, after Ali Berawi’s presentation, the RUN System team had the opportunity to chat about possible collaborations. They discussed RUN System’s support in the development of the Superapp Nusantara blueprint. They will utilise the recently launched Low-Code Application Platform. Hopefully, this partnership can bring tremendous benefits to our new capital city, and of course to the progress of Indonesia as a whole.

RUN System’s presence on this agenda is a testament to the company’s commitment to participate in advancing the world of Indonesian education. By combining technology and expertise, RUN System seeks to contribute in realising a smarter and more efficient future of education, in line with technological advances.

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