Project System

Mengelola pelaksanaan proyek dari struktur rincian pekerjaan hingga proyek diselesaikan

Projects run by companies, especially large projects, allow for failure due to incompatibility with the time plan or budget that exceeds the limit. The Project System module in the ERP RUN System has a function as control and project management that is worked on by the company. In this module, you can easily plan project costs and work breakdowns (Work Breakdown Structure) to issue sales invoices by WBS.

With the project system module, you can easily manage the stages of each project in your company, starting from determining the list (BOQ) needed to run a project.

You can describe the project implementation process according to what has been defined in the project pipeline including project implementation and design work costs.

In addition, this module can issue sales invoices specifically for WBS tasks that have been described in Project Implementation, provided that WBS is set, where the Sales Invoice for Project menu is used to provide invoices based on WBS Project Implementation.

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