eCampuz, RUN System Subsidiary, Ready for IPO to Strengthen Capital and Business Expansion

Yogyakarta, March 2024 – eCampuz (PT Solusi Kampus Indonesia), a subsidiary of RUN System (PT. Global Sukses Solusi Tbk), is preparing to enter the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This strategic step aims to strengthen expansion and expand business reach, develop products, and open opportunities for investors to participate in the company’s growth.

Brilliant Performance, Brilliant Future

The performance of eCampuz (PT Solusi Kampus Indonesia) is accelerating towards Pre-IPO funding. Since RUN System acquired it in 2021, eCampuz has shown great performance with an increase in employee competencies, profits, and revenue.

The acquisition by RUN System has brought positive impacts to eCampuz. As a result, the company has successfully improved employee competencies through various training and development programs, which has had a direct impact on improving the quality of services and products offered.

At the end of 2023, eCampuz managed to increase its revenue by 17.4 billion, a 220% increase since RUN System acquired it in 2021. In addition, eCampuz also experienced a 190% increase in profit of 5.2 Billion since its acquisition.

Andri Kushendarto, COO of eCampuz, explained that IPO is one of the important options in improving performance and reaching new opportunities. “eCampuz plans to use the funds obtained from the IPO to increase working capital, invest in research and development, expand its business reach to international markets, and increase investment in Edu-Tech. This success is inseparable from RUN System’s full support as the parent company.” he explained.

The leadership of eCampuz emphasized its commitment to continuously improve the quality of its services and products by continuing to innovate and develop products. Therefore, this step is expected to strengthen eCampuz’s position in the education technology industry and provide added value to stakeholders.

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