“Mobile Attendance” Feature in RUN System’s Employee Self-Service Helps Employees to Work from Home

Covid-19 pandemic has already happened in Indonesia. In this hard time, everyone’s empathy and action, including companies’ and other parties’, are needed to embrace it altogether. One of conclusive evident of the actions that a company take is to send their employee to work from home (WFH). 

Work from Home policy, as its name, would have employees work from anywhere in their home. This is not going to be a simple process. More things would be potentially distracting them from reaching the company goal than working from the office in spite of having the same responsibility, same Key Performance Indicator, and the same target. Thus, to support this newly applied policy, a right tool to manage the process, especially for employees’ presence, is vital.  As a form of our support for our customers, RUN System provide a free practical tool to help.

RUN System, with their most wanted application, Employee Self-Service, is helping companies to do the presence report for their employees. That feature that we offer is Mobile Attendance.

Mobile Attendance feature allows employee to report attendance (in or out) only by pressing fingertip on their phone. This feature supports geotagging function for the exact location of the employees when they attend to work that ensures the traceability function.

At this moment, as WFH has been ordered by many of BUMN (State-owned Enterprises of Indonesia), RUN System’s Mobile Attendance in Employee Self Service has been operated for digital presence of thousands of employees.

By doing digital presence from phone, it helps to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 virus as we do not need to share fingertips presence machine. We hope that this pandemic will be over soon. The privilege to do things ordinarily before the pandemic is priceless. We also hope that after all of this uncertainty, the economy will recover faster.

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