RUN System Adopting MariaDB Database Technology

RUN System as one of the best ERP solutions proudly states that it has successfully migrated to MariaDB to handle a database of all products and solutions from the RUN System. This makes RUN System one of the Integrated ERP Software in Indonesia that has used MariaDB as the main database, not an alternative.

MariaDB is one of the best database engines currently trusted by world-class companies such as Wikipedia, Facebook, Google, Red Hat and others in handling data management.

We have started researching the reliability of the database engine since November 2013 after Google announced that it had successfully migrated from MySQL to MariaDB. In the same month the RUN System engineer team finally decided to use MariaDB to handle data management for each RUN System application. The RUN System engineer team is very careful in this process because the level of reliability, speed and security of the data becomes an important point in the database engine selection. The results of our research on enterprise-class database management produce a technical conclusion that agrees with the choice of wikipedia, google, facebook and redhat that MariaDB is very reliable, fast, safe in handling large, complex and integrated data according to the needs of RUN Sytem user companies.

Starting with 2 Procurement-AP modules and Inventory and Material Management Module, currently the RUN System has successfully migrated the entire RUN System database which consists of 12 modules (Sales-AR, procurement-AP, Inventory and material Management, Logistics & Warehousing, Financial Management , Production Planning, Manufacturing Management, Plant Maintenance, Quality System, Project Management, HRIS and Business Partners), 50 sub modules and +1200 functions using the MariaDB engine.

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