The RUN System Solution is Trusted Again to Improve Internal Control in Telkom’s Subsidiaries

Jakarta, 21 June 2023 – Metranet, a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia which plays an active role in driving digital transformation in various sectors, has re-trusted its digital acceleration efforts to the RUN System.

In an effort to strengthen the internal control system, Metranet has completed the RUN System Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) service with the Budget Management module. This module also complements the Finance and Accounting (FICO) module and the Project System module which have been successfully implemented previously. This comprehensive integration allows companies to align all financial processes, including financial accounting, cost control, financial management, to financial reporting. The existence of the Budget Management module from the RUN System allows Metranet to have better visibility and control over all financial aspects so that it meets applicable audit standards.

F. Hasto Widodo, Director of RUN System, said that his party welcomes the trust placed by Metranet in implementing this service, which is expected to have a significant positive impact on Metranet in controlling budgets, monitoring and monitoring expenses, and managing company assets more effectively. This step is seen as a strategic effort to reduce financial risks that may occur and ensure that the company continues to comply with established policies and procedures.

Metranet, which currently manages four products with different business models and market segments, realizes the importance of reliable and integrated technology to speed up operational processes and control of all business processes in the company. Therefore, the presence of the budget management module is expected to facilitate management in making decisions, monitoring expenses and costs and assisting the implementation of operational plans so that they are in line with the targets set.

The trust given to the RUN System in encouraging digital acceleration in this Telkom subsidiary, confirms the ability and reliability of the system owned by the RUN System in supporting the company’s internal control and digital transformation. RUN System continues to be committed to providing the best solutions for companies in various industrial sectors, playing a role in achieving efficiency and company success amidst constant changes in the ever-evolving digital era.

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