eCampuz: Market Leader of EduTech Industry, the Secret Behind the Success of 660+ Campuses

Yogyakarta, April 2024 – In line with its business expansion plan, RUN System (PT Global Sukses Solusi Tbk) entered the education sector in 2022 by acquiring eCampuz (PT Solusi Kampus Indonesia), a provider of academic information systems that helps universities manage their resources. Since its acquisition by RUN System, eCampuz has recorded significantly positive performance. Currently, eCampuz is trusted by 660+ Universities, 3.2 Million Students, and 7,000+ Lecturers across Indonesia.

In this digital era, effective and efficient campus management requires the right technology solutions. eCampuz comes as an innovative integrated campus management solution that helps educational institutions improve performance and achieve their goals.

What is eCampuz?

eCampuz is a leading campus management platform that offers various modules to manage all aspects of campus operations, from academics, finance, to student affairs. The platform is designed with the latest technology and intuitive user interface, making it easy to use by all parties in the campus environment.

The Benefits of eCampuz

  • Improving Efficiency. The platform automates various manual processes, saving time and resources.
  • Improving Transparency. The platform provides easy access to real-time information for all parties, increasing transparency and accountability.
  • Improving Quality of Service. The platform helps improve the quality of education services through various features that support the teaching and learning process and student activities.
  • Improving Decision Making. The platform provides accurate data and analysis, which can help campus leaders make informed decisions.

Key Features of eCampuz

  • Academic Management. eCampuz provides various features to manage academic data, such as class scheduling, student registration, assessment, and transcripts.
  • Financial Management. The platform helps manage campus finances with features such as online payments, billing, and accounting.
  • Student Management. The platform provides various features to support student activities, such as organization registration, events, and scholarships.
  • Lecturer and Student Portal. The platform provides a dedicated portal for lecturers and students to access information and complete their tasks.

Leading Products for Education Quality

PT Solusi Kampus Indonesia continues to innovate its products to meet the needs of education. The following are 3 featured products of eCampuz:

1. eCampuz Suite

This platform provides an integrated solution for managing college data with a buy-out model. Enjoy a complete and customized information system tailored to your needs here.

2. eCampuz Cloud

This is an Integrated Information System for college management with a rental model. You can enjoy the benefits of college management without being limited by infrastructure or IT teams here.

3. Jamitu offers a comprehensive solution to enhance the quality of higher education in Indonesia. Our services include JamituEdu, JamituEvent, JamituTraining, and JamituTools, catering to the needs of Higher Education Quality Warriors throughout the country.

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eCampuz is the ideal solution for educational institutions that want to improve their efficiency, transparency and quality of service. This platform offers three key advantages: ease of use, compliance with DIKTI regulations, and customization to meet the specific needs of each campus. eCampuz empowers universities to focus more on the implementation of the Tridharma by eliminating the burden of the university management process.

eCampuz commits to providing the best through services and technology innovation, partnering with its parent company RUN System to meet the needs in the EduTech field. They believe that education is an investment in the future, and they are ready to support the growth and development of educational institutions with the best technology.

“We have learned from a long journey of implementation, to implement eCampuz solutions and services with a high commitment to help customers more easily manage and develop universities.” — Awaludin Zakaria, CEO of PT Solusi Kampus Indonesia.



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