PT Yodya Karya (Persero) – Telkom Conducts GO Live ERP RUN System Implementation

Jakarta, October 12, 2021 – PT Yodya Karya (Persero) and PT Telkom Indonesia have just held a Go Live Ceremony in the “ERP RUN System” implementation project which was held hybridly at Yodya Tower and also through a virtual conference Zoom Meeting. The event was attended by Thomas Colbert and Delta Hatmantari as directors of PT Yodya Karya (Persero), GM PT Telkom Indonesia, Irena Santi Widjaja and President Director of PT Global Sukses Solusi Tbk (RUN System) Sony Rachmadi Purnomo.

PT. Yodya Karya (Persero) is an Indonesian State-Owned Enterprise engaged in construction engineering consulting. PT Yodya Karya has projects spread throughout Indonesia covering the working areas of Medan, Palembang, Semarang, Balikpapan, Makassar, to Jayapura. The size of the work area certainly requires a reliable and integrated system in each region in order to monitor the progress of all projects to ensure that the planning and realization stages are in accordance with real time.

In her speech, Irena stated that ERP can be a tool to support digitization at PT Yodya Karya. It is hoped that the implementation of this ERP can improve the performance of PT Yodya Karya to be more effective and efficient.

Presentation of the ERP Implementation Final Report at PT Yodya Karya (Persero)

Presentation of the ERP Implementation Final Report at PT Yodya Karya (Persero)

In order to achieve this, RUN System provides software for presenting information systems in an integrated platform. The scope of this project is the implementation of the Financial & Cost Controlling (FICO) module which includes financial, accounting, tax and controlling processes as well as data consolidation from all units to the PT Yodya Karya head office. The Sales Distribution (SD) module is integrated with all processes in the marketing function and the Project System (PS) module is integrated with all processes in the production function.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT Yodya Karya, Colbert Thomas Pangaribuan, explained that Go Live marked Yodya Karya one step further. This pandemic is a challenge as well as an opportunity for us to continue to improve performance so that the construction world can be more advanced.

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