RUN System Forms Strategic Partnership with Google Cloud for Global Expansion

Jakarta, Februari 2024 – RUN System, a digital transformation technology company with their flagship Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and an ecosystem of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, announces its official status as a “Google Cloud Partner“. RUN System is the third technology company in Indonesia to qualify as a Google partner. Strategic partners are recognized for providing innovative technology ecosystems that drive comprehensive digital transformation to enhance productivity and efficiency across all business and beyond.

As an official partner within the Google Cloud ecosystem, RUN System is fully integrated into the dynamic Google network, offering significant opportunities for global market expansion with full support in sales, marketing, technology, and collaboration with other extensive Google partner ecosystems. In this partnership, RUN System will integrate three of its SaaS solutions into the Google Cloud Marketplace: R1 (Cloud ERP), RUN Market (B2B Procurement Platform), and eCampuz (University ERP) – driving digital transformation across various sectors, from Enterprises to Education. R1 is targeted to operate on the Marketplace by the end of February, followed by the other two solutions scheduled for completion in the second quarter of this year.

RUN System x Google Indonesia

“This partnership, besides being a strategic leap for expanding global business reach, is also a catalyst for innovation and building a strong international presence through various international channels and the empowering Google ecosystem,” says CEO and Co-Founder of RUN System, Sony Rachmadi Purnomo.

Sony adds that this collaboration is also a manifestation of the management’s commitment to the growth of the technology industry in Indonesia.

“RUN System, with its leading ERP product, has a broad and robust consumer base and big data, making it suitable for collaboration with us, coupled with Google’s support in new innovative technologies such as recently launched Vertex AI,” says Google Cloud Enabler, Anand Sibuaea.

RUN System is an Indonesia-based technology company that assists companies of various scales and industries in achieving digital transformation through its core products: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and a digital ecosystem of SaaS/Cloud products, including Cloud ERP, B2B Procurement Platform, POS, Payment Point, and HR Management System.

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