Short Term Investment or Long Term Investment, Which One is Right for You?

Many people seem to be quite familiar with this word. Quoting from the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), investment is allocating money or capital in a company or project to make a profit. Hearing the word investment, people will assume that only the rich can do it. Whereas with a capital of 100,000 rupiah, you can also start investing. But before starting to invest, it is necessary to know the types of investments that exist and then adjust them to your needs. Do you want big profits? Or want a small risk?

Short Term Investment

As the name suggests, this type of investment has a fairly short time and is characterized by profits that can be obtained after 3 to 12 months. Because the profits can be easily obtained or disbursed, the amount of return from this investment is less and tends to be consistent. In addition, these short-term investments have less risk than long-term investments. One example of short-term investment is mutual funds.

Long term investment

Unlike short-term investments, people who make long-term investments can take years or even 10 years to get a return. Although it takes a very long time and in terms of risk it is relatively higher, the return that will be obtained is also much greater than short-term investments. One example of a long-term investment that is quite popular today is stock investment.

Determining the type of investment will be different for each person. Choose an investment that suits your abilities and needs. Even if you can’t invest right now, that’s fine. Because investment does not always get a profit in the form of money. Learning new skills, reading books, and even exercising can be said to be investing in yourself. Including using the RUN System, you can handle various things in the company quickly and precisely. Saving time and effort is also an advantage, right?

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