RUN System Plays a Key Role in Digital Transformation in Telkom Subsidiaries

Jakarta, 4 October 2023 – Digital transformation is the main key for companies in various sectors to continue to develop and innovate. RUN System, a technology company whose core business is providing Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software, has played an important role in advancing digital transformation efforts in several Telkom subsidiaries.

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PT Graha Sarana Duta (Telkom Property) is a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia, a large entity in the telecommunications and information technology industry. Telkom Property’s focus is property development and management for the Telkom Indonesia business and other property businesses. With strategic partnerships and support from RUN System, Telkom Property continues to strengthen its steps towards the digital era.

Fandi Wijaya, Director of Planning at Telkom Property, spoke about the importance of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and Human Capital Management (HCM) modules in their ERP implementation project. “Telkom Property manages thousands of Telkom assets and has tens of thousands of outsourced workers. Currently, we are carrying out transformation and improvement. Almost all of our work units are supported by new tools to increase efficiency.”

Kick off Meeting for ERP Implementation Project at Telkom Property

Kick off Meeting for ERP Implementation Project at Telkom Property

On the other hand, the Director of RUN System, F. Hasto Widodo, who has been in the Telkom environment for quite a long time, stated that this was an opportunity for RUN System to once again prove its capabilities as the leading ERP company in Indonesia to handle digitalization in the Telkom Group. “Human Resources (HR) is an important element in a company or organization. This is a big challenge for RUN System, because this module helps in HR management to payroll. This is very crucial because it concerns the lives of many people and is very sensitive. “Because of this, we have carried out in-depth risk mitigation to ensure our services can provide maximum results and are in line with the company’s business development needs.”

Currently, Telkom Property manages thousands of property projects throughout Indonesia with a total of more than 15 thousand outsourced workers. The synergy between Telkom Property and RUN System is expected to be able to meet all organizational needs, create efficiency and effectiveness in supporting the company’s business and achieve predetermined targets.

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